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One Big Thing You'll Learn in Courage Rises

Do you know that research shows we’re only born with two fears?

Seriously. Two.

We are born with the fear of falling and loud noises.

The rest of our fears are learned over time based on our environment and experiences that cause us to form emotional opinions about what we see or feel. Those emotional opinions become our limiting beliefs, stories, and delusions. They become our fears.

90% of such limiting beliefs and fears are already formed by the time we turn 7 years old. And we carry them through our lives – or we choose to be brave and conquer them.

In my new book, Courage Rises: How To Create The Life You Want By Leaning In To Fear,

I’ll teach you how to tackle the seemingly impossible task of unpacking all that negative self-talk. You’ll learn how to move through the fears, understand your motivators and change your own internal stories.

I’ll give you manageable tools and break down the magic formula to deal with your fears in ways that make sense (hint: it’s not magic – and yes, you CAN do it!).

Courage Rises was published as a digital book recently. But now, it’s finally available in a print version. BONUS: You can even get my paperback book personally signed by yours truly!

Get it for yourself or as a gift – click here to fill out the secure form.

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