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Why Coaching?

According to, “[Coaches help you to] learn to explore and develop your strengths as a means to achieve goals, and also to cultivate positive emotions. Generating positive emotions leads to what Bok & Fredrickson call, “an upward spiral.”  In their landmark work, Bok & Fredrickson identified ten positive emotions:


Coaching creates the space for you to build on these emotions and flourish.

Who couldn’t use an upward spiral?

We can help you realize more positive emotions and help you change your relationship with fear and the things that are holding you back.

What sets Courage Rises apart is that we use the scientifically validated Business DNA* assessments to uncover and help you unleash your Behavioral SuperPowers** and manage your Kryptonite. All of the current- and historically-popular guides to being your best self (in your business and personal life) emphasize the need to know yourself in order to make substantial changes. Uncovering your SuperPowers and Kryptonite will allow you to know yourself more completely by looking at your behavior through a scientifically validated framework. And it will help you pinpoint areas you want to change. 


* trademark DNA Behavior International

** TradeMark DreamSmart Academy

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What to expect from Private Coaching...

First of all, it’s just for you.  Your goals, your fears, your successes. You don’t share time and space with anyone so we can both concentrate on you. 


We’ll talk about what you want to learn, try, stop, start, continue and then we’ll set goals to achieve those things. 


We’ll uncover your Behavioral SuperPower® and your Kryptonite to make sense of why you do what you do.


The first step is a Discovery Call between you and Courage Rises Founder, Susan Jeffreys.  


If we decide to work together, the second step would be a 2-hour Clarity Session to shed some light on where you are now and where you want to be, and to start creating a plan for filling the gap. 


The third step is a Custom Coaching Plan. If we decide to work together further, this plan would be developed after the clarity session to figure out how many weeks our work together might last. We’ll work on your fears as they come up along the journey. You’ll learn to apply the FEAR formula – Forgive, Embrace, Act, Repeat – to understand and deal with the fears standing in the way of what you want or where you want to go. 



Susan's Mastermind group helped me to intentionally set goals for what was truly important to me, personally and professionally. It helped me to push through areas of discomfort and to achieve all three goals I established for myself at the beginning of the program. I loved being part of a group of other women which offered weekly support, inspiration, and accountability. Susan is dedicated, patient, and insightful. Having completed her program, I am more focused and productive and I now have a planning and organization system that will continue to help me achieve my goals going forward. I highly recommend it!  

Janice Levitt, Health Coach, Business Owner, & Artist

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