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How Women Are Embracing Modern Retirement

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Modern retirement is the new wide-open future... What do you want to do with yours?

There will always be those retirees who love to spend their later years in a state of slow relaxation. That’s how it’s been done for decades. For the rest of us, though, we want more and we know it’s possible. And so, retirement has become a time of exciting adventures and bold exploration, especially for women.

We’re turning dreams into realities

As children, we looked forward to becoming adults. We thought about what we’d do, who we’d be and how we’d impact the world. Our dreams were big, magical dreams but — too often — life got in the way.

Recently, adults are learning to look at retirement from a similar perspective. From secure finances to hard-earned sagacity, we have the tools to be whatever we really want to be.

We’re expanding our horizons

It used to be that many of us would go to college and then, with diplomas in hand, we moved through the world with our knowledge. Maybe we even became experts in that field and retired from it. The alternative was to marry a man who did all of that while we cared for our homes and children.

Now, though, personal development and satisfaction are higher priorities regardless of our day-to-day lives. More women are in the workforce, taking classes, and attending workshops. Then, we’re giving our extra time to politics and activism. We’re gaining exposure to cultures, industries and options.

We’re building with our own money

One of the biggest challenges young entrepreneurs face is having enough money to survive while a new venture builds traction. It can take a year or more before a new business becomes profitable.

While dipping into your 401k savings to invest in yourself and launch a business in your 60s may sound irresponsible, it‘s happening a lot. With a healthy nest egg, we can pay for expert advice, invest in solid marketing and keep the lights on. It dramatically increases the likelihood of long-term success.

We’re not as “old” as we used to be

It’s common knowledge that our collective life expectancy is increasing. One of the most obvious reasons we’re living longer is that we’re healthier in many ways. And when we’re not healthier, we have unprecedented access to medical care to help us out of a jam.

The bottom line is that when we reach retirement, we’re not as “old” as we used to be. We have a lot of years ahead of us and we have the energy to pair with our longevity. Perhaps we will still want to travel as our parents did. But where we go — and how we discover ourselves there — has expanded dramatically.

We’re helping women conquer their fears and build the meaningful retirement they really want. Want to talk about yours? Click here to schedule a free Discovery call.


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