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Dec 2, 2021 - Tell Fear You're The Boss in our new workshop in Phoenix!

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

More Confidence! More success! More fun! More impact!

If you are having trouble achieving the things you want in life it may be because fear is holding you back.

It doesn't always feel like fear - the kind you feel when you climb a tall ladder or have to deal with a wild creature, like a bat.

Sometimes it looks like procrastination, excessive TV, social media or gaming. It could feel like overwhelm and it keeps you from moving forward.

This workshop can help you push through that resistance!

Find out where your fears come from and change your relationship with fear to build your capacity for courage and the life you want.

There are only a couple of fears that humans are born with - the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. The bulk of our fears are learned from our earliest days as children.

In this workshop we will talk together about the sources of our fears and learn 5 ways to develop a different relationship with fear so it doesn't keep us from what we want! And you'll leave with a Fear Tracker so you can track how you are progressing.

LAST MINUTE PRICE BREAK for Cyber Monday! The workshop is now only $49 (was $59 - a $179 value) and each workshop is limited to 10 people so check the schedule and sign up now.

Downtown Phoenix, 6pm - 8pm, Dec 2, 2021

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