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The Behavioral Performance Effectiveness MasterMind is BACK!

Does this sound like you?

  • Do you sometimes put in a spurt of real effectiveness in one or more areas of your life and then revert to your old, ineffective habits?

  • Do you make goals and not pursue them for long?

  • Do you make plans and not use them?

  • Do you want to learn a way to get more of the things you "need to get done" in a day, week, month, year so you can spend more time on the things you really WANT to do?

Then the Behavioral Performance Effectiveness Mastermind is for you! If you’re not familiar with the Mastermind concept, it’s built on the idea that two heads are better than one. In this case, SIX heads!

BPE is a group coaching Mastermind in which we will read and implement 2 fantastic books over 13 weeks: The 12 Week Year (Moran) and High Performance Habits (Burchard).

During this Mastermind, you will

  • Develop a vision that will propel you on a forward trajectory even when you don't feel like it.

  • Learn and implement the 12 Week Year system in your life to be more accountable with your commitments to yourself and othersLearn to reign in your Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)

  • Discover your Behavioral SuperPowers (yeah - superpowers!) and learn how to flex to be more effective with the people you work with, live with, love on.

  • Learn and discuss the key habits of high performers

We will meet weekly for 13 weeks for 1.5 hours on Zoom at a time suitable for all participants (might be day or evening depending on all of you)

Each person will have a private 30-45 min Behavioral SuperPowers un-convering session with Suki and one additional 60 minute personal coaching session in addition to class time.

The investment is $1,779 per person for the 13 weeks, which includes the cost of the Behavioral SuperPowers Assessment ($150 value).

Students will need to purchase 2 books - The 12 Week Year (Moran) and High Performance Habits (Burchard), one or both of which may be available free of charge from the authors.

When at least 5 people join the waiting list by April 1, class will begin toward the end of April.

Join the waiting list here ($25 deposit required):

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