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Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places

We’re all on some kind of journey in our lives, right? It may be a creative journey or a mission to make a big impact on the world (or our own small corner of it). Most of us are on paths of self-discovery and expression. As we travel along, we may find that our journey is sometimes full of obstacles and steep hills to climb. Other times it feels like an easy walk through beautiful places we didn’t know existed.

While it seems like these lovely peaceful parts of our journey should be the most inspirational and creative, that’s not always true. Some of the most powerfully inspiring moments in our lives – the ones that really change our trajectory or how we look at the world – happen when we least expect it. Have you ever wondered why that is? Or how to find it more often?

What is Inspiration Anyways?

The most basic definitions of “inspiration” describe it as the feelings or ideas that cause you to want to do things, often in a creative capacity. The rest of the story is that it’s rooted in a Latin word, inspirare. It means “to breathe into” and was usually used in a divine context to describe the powerfully compelling feelings that overcome unsuspecting people and push them into motion in magical ways.

Sometimes this happens exactly as described. Like a magical powerful force. People who’ve never thought much about a concept are suddenly so inspired that they write a book that launches them into the spotlight or they start an activist movement that becomes a robust non-profit organization that changes lives. These kinds of inspirations can seem to come out of nowhere – which is why it’s associated with divinity, it feels like you’ve been “chosen” or that you’re a conduit in a bigger picture. It’s compelling!

It happens on a very small scale frequently, too. You may have a conversation with a friend about a random subject and they’ll tell you a small story about themselves and suddenly you realize what would be the most perfect gift for them. It’s such a perfect idea that you really MUST do it. And when you do, they are so moved. Everything aligns and it just feels right, like magic.

But for many others, inspiration happens all the time. So often that they can harness it and build entire careers around how inspired they are. Songwriters. Comedians. Artists. Writers. Inventors. Engineers. Scientists. Screenwriters. Designers. Architects. Choreographers. The list is long.

If so many people are able to be inspired consistently enough to trust it will continue so that their career might be successful, right? And all of these career paths have educational paths leading to them, which means these things can be taught. It’s not magic – except in the ways that we are all capable of creating our own magic.

Channeling Inspiration in Your Own Life

One of the most important keys to finding more inspiration on a regular basis is literally as simple as being open to it. It means more quiet space and spending time with your thoughts. But it also means more conversation and tuning in to different frequencies around you. It means finding ways to shake up your schedule so that you’re exposed to new things and finding ways to connect and collaborate with others. The Skillshare website has a great article, 17 Ways to Find Inspiration and Spark Creativity, that covers these ideas and a bunch more.

Sometimes inspiration will hit you like a lightning bolt and you just *know* what to do to put it into action. Other times it comes as a slow-burning thing that gets hotter and brighter and clearer each time you consider it.

Either way, when you’re ready to turn it into action, coaching can help you create roadmaps and stay motivated. If that’s where you are, let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together. Click here to grab a spot on my calendar so we can talk about it!

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