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Thriving in Retirement: Discovering What Brings You Joy and Fulfillment

If you're finding that your feelings about retirement are more complicated than you thought they would be, you're not alone. It's normal to have mixed emotions about such a major life change. After all, humans thrive best when they have a sense of purpose in their life. Moving through the disenchantment stage of retirement isn’t easy but once you get to the other side, a new world can open up.

This new phase of life is an opportunity to figure out what truly brings you happiness and fulfillment. In my clarity sessions with clients, we often find it revolves around creating legacies, giving back, sharing your wisdom, or launching a meaningful project. You can thrive in this new season by discovering what brings you joy and purpose so that you can make the most of your retirement years.

Designing Your Retirement 2.0

Working with a coach (like me!) is a great way to head off the common struggles people face when they’re working on reinventing themselves. Once you have a clear vision and a roadmap toward your goals, you’ll find you’re well on your way. It’s important to dream big AND be specific when designing that map, though. That’s because vague goals are much harder to reach and easier to let slide. Like this:

“I want to share my decades of knowledge with younger generations”


“I want to become an established mentor before the end of this year so I’ll contact local relevant organizations to learn about mentorship opportunities and select two places where I can join and contribute”


Whether you discover that you want something like that or something completely different, it’s important to have a clear vision of where you want to go and actionable goals to help you get there. The goals should include specific steps and timelines. Also, you’ll find that goals are more attainable when you have people to talk to about your goals and who will check in to ask how it’s going regularly. It sounds simple but it truly makes a huge difference in the outcomes.

Retirement can be a time of rebirth, rediscovery, and reinvention in many ways, with the chance to explore new passions and interests. To truly thrive in your retirement years, it's important to reflect on what brings meaning and joy into your life, as well as staying healthy both physically and mentally.

If you’re ready to talk about how coaching might help you define your vision, create goals and realize your dreams, let’s talk! Go to my calendar here and pick a day that works for you!

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