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How To Celebrate National Brave Day

According to the National Today organization, there are several reasons to celebrate, honor and commemorate each day of the year. Some are pretty obscure, like National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Others are not very well known yet but definitely deserve to be in the limelight, like National Brave Day.

National Brave Day was registered in 2017 and takes place on the 4th Friday of September every year. According to, the purpose of this holiday is to honor and celebrate the brave women in your life as well as to offer support and uplift those around you.

“Every woman knows that sometimes all that she needs is just a small nudge of encouragement in the form of timely guidance from another woman. Yet other times call for coordinated, thoughtful efforts for women in need. The world moves forward when women empower women. National BRAVE Day honors women who lift each other up, rescue each other, fight for each other’s cause and make each other BRAVE.” ~

This can mean a lot of things to different women but that’s the point. We should take time out to look around at the women around us and empower each other in whatever ways we can, especially on National Brave Day. So mark your calendar for September 23, 2022, reach out to some friends and make it count!

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Be generous with compliments that don’t revolve around appearances

  • Find the social media pages of entrepreneurial women you admire and share it

  • Write a post about a woman you know who is doing something brave with her life

  • Host a gathering circle to share stories and empower each other

  • Get involved with the women’s shelters or other service organizations in your city

  • Organize a watch party for a documentary or biopic of brave women in history

  • Call a woman you haven’t talked to in a while to give encouragement in her life

Feel free to leave a comment below to share your own ideas, too.

Hope you’ll have a happy Brave Day!

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