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Join the Greatness Challenge

Many people know me as a confident, outgoing, and supremely capable coach who interviews interesting people and attends important events. However, I have struggled with self-esteem when it comes to things like believing the things I do are worth celebrating and feeling like what I have to say – my opinions and ideas – are worth listening to. It’s one of the reasons I have been *getting ready to get ready* to jumpstart my coaching business for 3 years.

It’s also why I’m bringing a new kind of challenge to you.

Challenging ourselves – and participating in organized challenges – is a great way to encourage growth and keep moving. From personal fitness to fundraisers, you can find a challenge for just about anything. But recently, I had a realization about my own habits that I want to share with you and create a challenge around.

Why Challenges Are Important

The fact is, a little bit of challenge is good for us in a few ways.

When we join a challenge, we’re often interacting with a social circle. We laugh. We bond. We create a sense of community. We make memories. These things have all been proven to be good for our health and for society.

Some challenges encourage us to get creative or push our physical limits. Some are just silly fun but that often gets us out of our “comfort zone” boxes, too.

The best challenges, though, are the ones that do good in the world. These might be challenges to raise money for a cause or to get out and do something useful in your city. They might also be challenges that recognize and uplift people in your life.

What Is the Greatness Challenge?

You’ve probably seen (and maybe even participated in) the tag-a-friend photo challenges on social media, right? The ones where you tag a friend and ask them to share a photo every day for a number of days? Of something that brings you joy or moments where you felt especially beautiful or things that you’re proud of. The instructions are usually very specific: you should share these photos without any context.

Why?! Why do we want to avoid adding context?

Are we afraid of the context of our own joy, beauty, and pride?

Let’s squash this nonsense now with the Greatness Challenge. Go to your Facebook or IG page and just put yourself in the limelight. Talk about whatever makes you amazing, whatever makes you glow. Talk about your accomplishments, talents, and skills. Talk yourself up! It can be a photo with context about your awesomeness in the caption, a video or a quick list. Do whatever feels good to you and then tag a few friends and challenge them to do the same! Tag me @couragerises, too, because I’d really love to see you celebrate yourself!

To kick it off for you, here are 5 things that I love about ME:

  • I am deeply family-oriented and also have multiple families of choice where I get to pour tons of my love, loyalty, and support

  • I wrote a best-selling book last year! Seriously! I wrote a book!!

  • I have an amazing presence that lights up a room wherever I go and attracts some truly AMAZING friends into my world

  • I’m non-judgemental and it allows lots of different types of people to be comfortable opening up to me with courageous vulnerability

  • I survived cancer and all of the treatments that followed – and came out of it with this fantastically amazeballs hair!

I’ll be posting about this on my own Facebook and Instagram accounts because I am learning how important it is to reinforce our own self-esteem whenever we can.

The Greatness Challenge is a perfect way to practice that!

If you’re a little shy about posting on social media to talk yourself up – that’s okay, I get it! You can also send me a direct email and I’ll hold that private space for you to glow safely. Let me help you celebrate you!

Send your emails to me at:


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