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The Blissful Simplicity of Gratitude

It’s the month of Thanksgiving celebrations in the USA. I have so much to be grateful for in 2022.

Surviving COVID-19. Trips that have delighted me because of the people I got to be with and the beauty that surrounded me. Becoming a best-selling author in 3 anthologies as well as my first SOLO book!

Admiring my sisters for their parenting and, in one case, amazing grand-parenting. Meeting three beautiful new humans, including our twin grandsons, Donovan and George McLaughlin Jeffreys.

Adding six new countries to my visited list. Surviving a diving incident. Family trips, successful hand surgery, birthday celebrations! Spending nearly 3 weeks on vacation with my 88 year old Dad.

Neighborhood concerts, summers away from Phoenix, amazing self-discovery journeys, and a new home. I am privileged and lucky to be and become simply me.

Allow Gratitude Into Your Life

Our vibrational level when in a state of appreciation is heightened and clarifying. If you are having trouble finding your gratitude, you can think of some very basic things. Breathing. Walking, if you’re able, or sitting. Reading this. Loving that. Color. Sound. Music.

Close your eyes for a few minutes and take a few deep breaths. Take 30 seconds to write down some grateful thoughts.

Practicing gratitude can help reduce negative emotions and promote joy, interest, hope and serenity. It can also enhance self-esteem, leading to greater resilience (having a greater capacity for dealing with difficulties in life) and higher life satisfaction.

I wish you ease in feeling gratitude this season, as well as all of the benefits that gratitude brings!

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