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The (OTHER) Honeymoon Phase

Once you’ve decided it’s time to take the leap and finally set a date, you can start planning your next honeymoon. Your retirement honeymoon! This is the second of the five stages of retirement and let me tell ya, you’re going to be glowing in it!

Even if it comes with some mixed emotions, the blissful retirement honeymoon gives us a lot to look forward to. And with a little mindfulness, it doesn’t need to drain your savings.

According to a survey by Merrill Lynch, nearly 90% of people said that they were happy with the level of freedom, flexibility, and new experiences they found in the early stage of retirement. This was across all socioeconomic lines and regardless of their retirement savings.

For me, stepping into retirement was stepping into a whole new set of adventures. We bought an RV and traveled our little hearts out. We traveled all around the western US and north into Canada. We logged 20,000 miles that first year!

Not sure what to do with yourself in this honeymoon stage of retirement? Here are some basic ideas to get you started thinking on the right track.


Rent or buy a trailer or motorhome. Make a bucket list of experiences you want to find. If you're over 62, you can get a lifetime federal parks pass for really cheap.

Become a campground host. Many campgrounds and RV parks provide free campsites and amenities in exchange for help with tasks around the camp. This can be a great way to travel for less cost.

Take a cruise. Cruising may be more affordable than you think: Major lines usually offer discounts for travelers over the age of 55.

Trade houses. Exchange houses with like-minded travelers and take advantage of completely free holiday accommodations. Websites like Home Exchange 50plus and cater to older adults; membership fees vary.


Whether you want to explore a few new hobbies or finally reach the next level in a passion you’ve had for years, the free time that retirement provides is perfect for this.



Dancing or sports

Baking or cooking

Collecting something


Painting or other arts

Singing or theater

Horseback riding

Walking or hiking

Furniture restoring

Pottery making


Giving your time as a volunteer is an amazing way to be connected to your local community. You’ll meet people with similar interests or help people who can benefit from your own experience or expertise. There are lots of ways to volunteer.

Civic agencies and businesses such as libraries, hospices, senior centers, theaters, museums, food banks, community event planners, and veterans centers always welcome volunteers.

Non-profit organizations only thrive with the help of volunteers. Get involved with causes or missions that matter to you most. Nearly every city has organizations that focus on politics, social justice, mental health, risk awareness, and support for marginalized populations.

Find Something Else That Fills Your Cup!

For more ideas, you can check out Great Senior Living’s list of 23 ways to use your time well in your retirement years. They covered everything from sports and education to creating social impact and mentoring.

If you find that you want to do something big but fear is holding you back, connect with me on my coaching page!

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