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Get A Big Dose Of Collaboration

I was talking with my friend, Allison Hammond who is a Graphic Facilitator, recently. You can click here to listen to our chat. We were comparing notes about our businesses, and it got me thinking about the importance of collaboration. As a life coach, I collaborate with my clients to help them overcome their own obstacles and take big steps toward their goals. I love this kind of collaboration and celebrating the successes of each client.

But what if we expanded the circle and collaborated with others? We might connect with others who are moving towards similar goals. We might connect with people who have developed tools that can help us on our journey – and perhaps we have tools that would help them.

Why is this an important topic as we near retirement?

As my friend mentioned in our conversation, there are no well-worn paths for women entering modern retirement. Because of advances in nutrition, science, and medicine, we live much longer than people did a hundred years ago. Or even 50 years ago. Plus, women rarely worked full careers they’d retire from in those times. For most women, their roles and paths were clear. It may not have been very glamorous but everyone knew what a grandma was “supposed to” do and what she was “supposed to” look like.

Now, though, our entire landscape is different and we get to cut our own paths into retirement. The options are endless. And if we don’t like the options we see, we can even make up our own new options like the trailblazers that we are.

Trailblazing is difficult and it can get pretty lonely, which is why we need each other. We need bridges and safe spaces. We need ideas and encouragement. We need collaborators and facilitators. We need communities of like-minded women – and yes, they exist!

So what are we going to do about it?

Allison’s business, ResponsAble People, is designed to help people at any stage in life where they’re trying to figure out what’s next. This may be people fresh out of college, people whose children are leaving the nest, people going through major life changes like a divorce, or (of course!) people going into retirement. She works with them to create maps that lay out where they are, where they want to be, and what the real steps are that can help them get there.

In my business, I’m able to help people truly dig into the fears, obstacles, and mindsets that are holding them back from accomplishing those steps. We create a vision and plan so that they can see what they want, believe that it’s within reach, and start overcoming those internal dialogues so they can turn dreams into reality.

I’m going to start developing ways to collaborate with Allison to bring my clients another layer of the things they need to get closer to their goals even faster. Putting all of this in tandem will give you a huge advantage because you’ll get the mindset corrections needed to overcome your obstacles AND fill up your toolbox to help you start getting things done on a daily basis.

Want to join us?? I’d love to see if we’re a good fit to work together and be part of making your next chapter an amazing one! Or if you have a business that’s designed around helping people and it may expand this great collaboration even more, let’s talk about it!

Grab a spot on my calendar here so we can talk about where you’re at and where you’d like to be going next.

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