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We Broke Some Rules This Week

Even if you’re working for yourself and building your own dreams like I am, there are some business principles to abide by. Like following plans, creating schedules and sticking to them. But sometimes something worthwhile pops up and you’ve just got to break form.

What do I mean? Well, in this case I mean I’m breaking the regularly scheduled program for my weekly podcasts to give you something truly special: An extra dose of Defying Expectations!

Katie Draznin: Courage & Fear Expert

On my regularly scheduled Tuesday episode, I met with Katie Draznin. She talked candidly about the incredible transformation when she "blew up her life" in favor of following her dreams. Not only that, but when she reflected after a while and realized the dream she was following WASN’T her own dream, she redirected and blew up her life a second time! She’s finally found herself exactly where she was meant to be. She’s doing amazingly inspirational things and teaching other people how to conquer their fears and chase their dreams.

Tami Jean: Self-Love Coach

As a fun bonus for you that I couldn’t resist making time for on Thursday, Tami Jean joined me for a podcast and shared her story, too. She understands that when we’ve been unloved, mistreated and abused throughout our lives, it’s really hard to love ourselves or let other people actively love us. She knows because she’s been through it. Now, she teaches people how to move beyond it and find the self-love they deserve.

Changing the game, effective immediately!

Starting next week, I’ll be honing in on a niche for my podcasts. Specifically, we’ll focus on Defying Expectations OVER 60. Women face expectations from other people, from society and even from ourselves throughout our lives. But once we’re of a certain age, there’s a whole new set of expectations. We don’t have to adhere to those expectations though.

Each week on Tuesday, you can catch a new episode of my podcast where I’ll talk with women who are already Defying Expectations Over 60. They’re living proof that you can design the retirement of your dreams – and not anyone else’s.

Find us on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. But first, be sure to join the Courage Convergence and share this article with the courageous women in your life today.

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