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When Women Thrive Everyone Wins

Even with all of our experience and empowerment as we age, there are still moments where we hesitate, right? Things we want to do but we worry that maybe we’re finally “too old for that” because maybe that’s just inevitable.

It’s not inevitable. Better yet, when you get involved with events, volunteer opportunities or causes that you care about, it enriches the experience for everyone. You gain exposure to new ideas and new ways of doing things. The younger generations get access to your depth of experience and skills. Think of it as networking - except the benefits are ten-fold.

Events and Adventures

From ComicCon to Sundance Film Festival, there are cool events happening in cities everywhere. These events promote arts, science, technology, foods and cultures from around the world. Chances are good that you’ve seen an ad for something you WANT to experience but you’re just not sure if you fit in there. Or you’re curious but the mystery is just too big.

What’s a courageous woman of a certain age to do..? Phone a friend. A younger friend. Someone who might just know more about these events and be excited that anyone asked. Send a few texts to a niece you haven’t talked to in a while and tell her that you saw this thing it reminded you of her. Ask her if she knows about it and embrace the conversation.

Modern activism

With the internet, thousands of causes and campaigns are at our fingertips. Rights and equality are under constant pressure in politics, funding and logistics. If you’ve fallen out of step with the marches that matter to you, do a little online homework to find some local options. They’ll be looking for volunteers and voices.

Consider your background of experience and skills to offer your services. Whether you can help with community outreach events or give your time with a hard skill like accounting, organizations that need volunteers will appreciate that you want to help the cause.

Discover yourself

The personal impact of getting out into the world for adventures and activism may surprise you. You’ll likely discover the bright stars in your city or community who are devoting part of themselves to making the world a better place. And you’ll likely be invigorated by their energy. You may even be inspired to start creating a life you love.

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